Office chairs

Established in 1943, HG has been successfully perfecting the art of developing innovative ways of evolving office chair design concepts.
We provide seating solutions to ensure that your daily cognitive focus precedes the physical discomforts often attributed to long hours spent in an office chair, together with more individually tailored pieces of furniture demonstrating bespoke design features capable of rectifying the negative issues of ongoing chiropractic and posture related symptoms.

HG's award winning designs, inspired by our approach towards integrating the science of human engineering with style and functionality, recognises the significance of maintaining a holistic balance between mind and body. As advocates of ecological solutions to manufacturing, the latest theoretical and practical concepts relating to environmental sustainability and recycling technology have been applied to all of our products in this range.

Built with the natural continuity of the body in mind and easily adjustable for comfort the HG range of office chairs enables you to experience combined flexibility, luxury and distinction to accommodate a broad scope of needs; both therapeutic and aesthetic, for the work place or domestic office environment. Designed to engage positively with both the mind and the body to reduce the occurrence of stress, physical discomfort and the lasting physical and psychological consequences of long periods of seating in poorly configured chairs, HG office chairs provide tested and approved quality seating capable of adapting to your needs.

Make the most of your office space and choose the style that suits the requirements of your working day in a range of fabrics and colours. From the reassuring HG H04, the basic and classic model based on the best-selling chair in Scandinavia, with trusted and traditional elements that retain timeless elegance and practicality to the HG Capisco and Capisco Puls, inspired and fashioned on the positions adopted by horse riders to establish a fluid non-height restrictive configuration. These models demonstrate modern design themes and in particular adhere to the HG philosophy of life as movement, which can be enhanced by the very definitions and mechanisations applied to the integral design of a chair.

Similarly, the constantly adjustable unique in-balance technology afforded by the practical HG Futu is capable of satisfying the extent to which your body position changes throughout the day, with combined subtle design features to disguise its therapeutic properties. HG's contribution to innovation extends to its exclusive SwingBack automation featured within the HG H05 office chair and the option to rest your arms or free them up for greater ease of use, as well as being adjustable for the purposes of fitting under your desk.

HG recruits the skills of a top range of furniture designers to work on their products and the HG HO3 with its multi-purpose functionality, retaining many of the traditional elements of HG's ergonomic capabilities ensuring good circulation and full body movement capability, has been created by the avant-garde Norwegian designer and architect Sren Yran.

Finally the elegant H09, sporting movable back and headrests and multiple adjustment settings maintains the correct posture for long periods, maximising comfort and exemplifying HG's capability for combining style with remedial properties. HG's reputation for quality and reliability are reinforced in its ten year guarantee on all office chairs manufactured after 2004.